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From February to June 2016, I wrote for Tote Magazine. Tote Mag was an online magazine for college-aged women, featuring many different categories. The website no longer exists, but I am proud of the work I did for them and wanted to have it published online here. The date and times of the articles were mostly left as is, and not updated. I hope you’ll take a few moments to look through some of the work!

Letter to Acne

8 Beauty Brands with Righteous Values: Leap for the Bunny in Beauty

6 Tips to Protect Summer Skin

Why I Made the “Questionable” Decision to Vote Hillary Instead of Bernie

Fly Above Your Fears

Freedom For Kesha

Kesha’s True Return

6 Things You Should Be Doing at your Summer Internship

The Ultimate Formula for “Extra” Happiness

An Art Hacker’s Digital Dream: Interview with Stefanie Cohen

A College Woman’s Take on Abortion

Empower Inspire Engage

How to Make Friends in College When You’re a Commuter

7 TV Revivals & Reboots We’re Amped About

At the time of publication – my bio read as:

Rachel is a senior communication major with a concentration in journalism at George Mason University. Rachel discovered her passion for journalism when she took a newspaper class in middle school and has been obsessed with all things journalism ever since. Rachel draws her inspiration from Katie Couric, Bob Woodward, and Carl Bernstein. Rachel can often be found reading a book on the beach, in Cape May, New Jersey.

About Me

I am a millennial journalist who is passionate about telling stories. I have grown my skills over the years through various career experiences. My work in writing and hospitality allows me to provide a niche opportunity in running social media for local small businesses and promoting their brands and the local area.


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