How to Make Friends in College When You’re a Commuter

In a time when resting bitch face can discourage people from talking to you, looking approachable can be difficult. Sometimes, the look on your face alone can determine whether people approach you. College campuses are full of people just waiting to be introduced to their next best friend, but students who commute often struggle with finding a group of friends to spend time with.

Commuting to your college campus can be just as fun and rewarding as living on campus if you put forth the necessary effort. Finding friends is essential to a productive and happy time at university.

Commuter students spend significantly less time on campus than those who live there. However, there are many ways on and off-campus students can get involved!

Being open to all your college campus has to offer is a must. All schools have numerous activities that pique a variety of interests. There is always something to do on campus and events happen all the time. Open your eyes, look up from your phone, and embrace the many opportunities that your time on campus allows you.

It sounds undeniably cliché, but a major key to making friends on campus is participating in activities. Joining teams or clubs can be daunting to commuter students. Some commuter students — I’m speaking from personal experience here — want to attend their classes, go home, and not spend any extra time on campus. However, the more time you spend on campus, the more likely you are to find people who have similar passions as you.

Another easy way to make friends that have worked for me is sharing tables in common areas.

College campuses are notorious for having big tables with lots of chairs as a not-so-upfront way for students to sit near others. You never know, a simple conversation about your major or favorite class might introduce you to your next friend!

It is also great to find a buddy in a class where you do not know anyone. Unlike elementary school, these buddies aren’t assigned to you. So yes, you will actually have to be upfront about initiating a discussion! Knowing someone in your classes can make the time spent working more enjoyable, and sometimes they have your back if you can’t make it to class.

You are in charge of your college experience. No one can force you out of your comfort zone, unless you make that decision. Sometimes leaving your comfort zone is the best way to learn about yourself and find those with similar interests. You never know until you try.

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