I’m gonna need an F150

I’ve had this blog post’s headline stuck in my head for a couple of days. I didn’t know exactly where it was going but I had some idea of what I wanted to say about how my next car could potentially be a Ford F150 pick up truck.

Since December 2016, I’ve acquired some furniture that needed to be moved into the basement of my parent’s beach house. Of course, the first piece of furniture would not fit in our family Subaru Outback.

It was dead of winter in Cape May, and a beautiful dresser was on the side of the street – up for grabs.  Not an uncommon sight in town. I saw it and instantly knew I wanted it. We were on the way to my birthday brunch and if it was still there afterward, we were coming to take it home.

I came I saw I salvaged

It was still there, so we took out the drawers and my dad and I drove them back to the house and unloaded them. While we were gone, my mom flagged down a guy with a truck who happened to be on the street at the right moment, and he drove the bureau over to our house. He even helped us put the dresser into the basement and wouldn’t accept a tip. End scene.

A few months later in March, I was driving down the street when I spotted a little blue cabinet, again on the side of the road. Chance of it fitting in my Subaru Forester, pretty likely – if I could get it in myself.

Turns out the guy who left it at the curb popped his head out of the front door and told me it was free to take and he would even help me get it into my car. And just like that, I became the owner of another piece of salvaged furniture.

And then a few weeks later in March I picked up a nightstand when I was on the way back from the beach. The shelf is a little crooked, but it doesn’t mean it’s not usable.

And then that brings me to May of this year, when I was struggling about what kind of desk I wanted in my room of the house I’m renting. I had been planning on moving the desk I already had, but it wasn’t really the right size for writing. And by luck, I found a desk for sale at an amazing price, on a local swap group in Cape May.

The people who sold me the desk helped me get it in my car – I was lucky that the legs screw in/out of the desk, which made transporting it easy. They were even kind enough to make sure I had help getting it into my room. It is an absolutely gorgeous desk and it worked perfectly in my room.


In June I was driving with my parents when I spotted what I thought was a blue stool on the side of the road. I asked my dad to pull over so I could see its condition. Turns out it was a broken chair.

My dad says to me, “Why do I think your next car is going to be an F150?”

I say, “I don’t know, why?”

“Because you keep picking up furniture off the side of the road!” He said.

Yeah, he’s probably right. My Forester can handle a lot, but there are certain sizes that even exceed my cargo capability.

And I even thought to myself this weekend that I might need to find someone with a truck if I was buying a new wicker rocking chair for our front porch. Turns out we ended up ordering a set online…but somehow I sincerely think a bigger car could be in my future.

I have always joked I wanted a Fiat, so I could say “what the fiat,” but now I realize that size is super impractical. I never thought I would drive a truck, I’m just your typical millennial girl… But the more I live in a small town…the more changes are happening.



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