Millennial journalist

Recently, I’ve found that I’ve been introducing myself to people very frequently. Whether it is to friends of my housemate Max, interviewees for my newspaper job, or just general folks in Cape May.

“Hi, I’m Rachel. I work as a front desk clerk at the Victorian Motel at the end of the Washington Street Mall, across from Congress Hall. I’m also a freelance journalist and I write for the ‘Cape May Star and Wave’ and ‘Cape May Magazine.'”

I typically leave out that I’m a blogger since it isn’t a paying gig (insert frown emoji & because I’m not very consistent), but if I get further into conversation with people, it usually comes up under other topics.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer and you know, be paid for writing. Maybe some day I can write full time! Working for these local publications has allotted me that opportunity to work as a journalist while covering the town that I have spent so much time in – summers and the off season.

My beat has primarily been covering local municipal meetings. There is so much involved in the way this small town’s boroughs are run…you would have no idea unless you attended the meetings…or you know, read my articles in the newspaper!

I’ve gotten to write articles about events and hard working locals. I previewed Shabbat on the Beach, which was truly a tranquil and spiritual experience (I attended as well). And I got to write about Adelia Jonas, owner of Domino’s pizza in the Villas, which you can read on my blog here.

At work taking photos for my article.

Not every new college graduate can say that they are working in their field of study. But my freelance jobs allow me to let everyone know that my field is alive and well.

And on a side note – I did take two hospitality/tourism classes while in college. Neither of which was anything that prepared me for working in a motel.  You can do all the reading and tests that come with school, but few things prepare you for the field work than actually working in the field.

Though if I was going to recommend a great field, I would recommend my own communication degree – because you really can do anything you find along your path.


Rachel Shubin lives in Cape May, New Jersey, where she works as a freelance writer for the Cape May Star & Wave Newspaper, Ocean City Sentinel, Cape May Magazine, and LifeSavvy Media. Rachel also performs social media management for a variety of clients. Rachel’s previous work experience includes writing for the Cape May Star and Wave Newspaper and its sister publication, the Ocean City Sentinel. Rachel writes special projects for the newspaper as well as covering a variety of beats including municipal meetings, human interest and a series on millennials. Additionally, she worked as a content marketing coordinator at the Cape May County Herald Newspaper. She also has two years of front desk experience from working at the Victorian Motel in Cape May. Rachel graduated from George Mason University in 2016 with a B.S. in communications and a concentration in journalism. She wrote for IV Estate, George Mason University’s student newspaper. Rachel's passion projects include blogging on Cape May Rachel and previously Sandpiper Cat Blog. Rachel is an associate member of the Cat Writers’ Association. Previous written archive includes Tote Magazine, CWA Meow Newsletter, The Fairfax Patch, Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation Newsletter, W.T. Woodson Cavalcade and The Pennant Magazine. Rachel can be contacted at

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